Training days

A commitment to results without depth leads to results that exist only on paper. To achieve living results, depth is necessary.

Your Open Leadership is the result.

During 5 days of training and the weeks between, you obtain an Open Leadership vision.

Throughout your entire life you will obtain more and more Open Leadership.


Your tools

With tasks between classes you keep this energetic movement going and new insights are born and applied.

You get every weekday a 'MiniMail Open Leadership’ for further reflection and motivation.

On request, you can also get face to face personal coaching and/or a subscription to AurelisEmailAssisted for 3 months.


What you get from this workshop

self-knowledge: You learn to know yourself as a leader and as a total person through which your leadership manifests.

self-development: You learn how to use openness to achieve genuine ‘growth’ and therefore an unrelenting increase of your potential for leadership.

self-coaching: You learn about yourself as a coach whom you always have with you and through whom any professional experience becomes an optimal learning experience.

self-motivation: You learn how no one can motivate someone else... except from within, on a deep level. Your authentic self-motivation is the best motivation of your employees.

self-action: You will learn how you can use yourself in many ways as your most powerful tool of leadership.

For an Open Leader, self-development and leadership development run parallel!