Open Leadership


A manager uses management techniques. An Open Leader uses himself…

Open Leadership goes beyond superficial techniques. With the AURELIS method, you yourself in-depth become the instrument.

This is the ultimate challenge, a development in and of your life and leadership.

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Cognitive neuroscience lends us a more and more open view upon unconscious processing in the human brain. This unconscious processing is also in leadership much more powerful than merely conscious processing. Charisma, vision, a leader’s communication and motivation are all deeply related to this.

Open Leadership is about unmitigated attention to this phenomenon. It is being Open to yourself, in depth, and from there to others and to the environment, in the most ethical way.

The future is Open.

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We support you in opening your Open Leadership through in-depth information, AurelisOnLine sessions of autosuggestion, workshops online and off-line and personal coaching.

All content and tools are consistently based upon the same scientific principles, taking into account brain structures at the deepest levels.

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