What is Open Leadership?

Open Leadership is about being open towards yourself (depth) and from there towards others (empathy, charisma...) and the whole environment (vision, intuition...).

Open Leadership Read&Do, workshops and coaching are laboratories of optimal experience that make your Open Leadership in the field continually grow.

More about Open Leadership through quotes and articles.

Who are YOU?

You are a leader who wishes to remain on the path towards greater heights of leadership. You are confident that you can achieve this by actively seeking what is already present in the core of yourself. You have an aversion of misty talking. You are looking for vigor and depth at the same time. You are convinced that this combination is rare in the present time.

Who are WE?

We wish to take the challenge to guide you towards strong leadership. We have gone far and deep on different domains (practical, insightful, scientific, concrete) and are sure to thoroughly achieve a good guidance for you. We gladly prove to be worthy of your trust.

What do WE do for YOU?

We offer you many practical experiences. At the same time, we accompany these experience well with the necessary knowledge. We expect much effort and openness from you. Partly thanks to your efforts, we lift you to a higher level of leadership that radiates inwardly (you grow) and outwardly (others grow thanks to you). You are the leader. We are your companion.

Open Leadership leads to many benefits

increased productivity

'the best' is brought up in individuals and teams

personal development and growth

better relationships

better atmosphere

improved concentration and learning ability

better quality of life for all involved

time savings

enhanced creativity

better use of resources

increased flexibility

faster and better response in case of an emergency

increased and more stable motivation

better environment for and utilizing diversity

woman-friendly and man-friendly environment

less risk of burnout, depression, psychosomatics

more flow, happiness at work

less efflux


Please join us. Your future is Open !